3 Nutrition Hacks to Boost your Productivity


No doubt you’ve heard this a million times before: drink more water! Well, that’s probably because there’s bucket-loads of science behind that piece of advice, and it could help you avoid your arvo slump as well as help keep your body running well.

Feeling tired is one of the first signs of dehydration, so boosting your intake of water could help fix that. Drinking enough water has also been found to help reduce the likelihood of certain types of headaches and migraines, makes us less irritable, and can help us stay alert and maintain concentration. For more ways water makes you awesome, check this out.

Balance your Lunches

Another no-brainer – Eat a proper lunch!

A balanced lunch that includes wholegrains (fibre), healthy fats and protein will keep you going throughout the afternoon and can help with concentration, not to mention giving your body the fuel it needs to function well.

Healthy fats (omega -3 fatty acids) found in oily fish (e.g. salmon), pumpkin seeds and walnuts are important for brain function, managing stress and producing the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. While having protein as part of your lunch helps you feel fuller for longer so you can power through your work day and have a life outside the office as well.

Include veggies and wholegrains to maximise the benefits as they will contribute vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Wholegrains are generally low GI which can help avoid crashing too soon after your meal.

Some of our go-to work-day lunches:

Snack right

Some days, snacks are required, whether it’s because you’re hitting the gym before dinner, or you’re just plain hungry. There are a few things we recommend you keep in mind when reaching for the snacks, because it can be easy to grab the sugary stuff all the time.

Choose options that have good fats and protein, be sure to keep an eye on the amount of sugar that’s in them, and watch your portion size – it’s easy with snacks to eat more than a serve (or 3), so be wary of eating mindlessly out of a large container.

Some of our fave go-to snacks:

  • Mixed nuts can be a good go-to to keep in your desk
  • Bliss balls, or Power Balls as we call them. Ours are sweetened with dates or honey, and contain beautiful nuts, seeds, coconut, cacao and dried fruit. Try the Cherry Ripe Power Balls or our Tropical Power Balls for a guilt-free treat.
  • Smoothies – with plenty of veggies, fruit, nuts and natural sources of sweetness. For the easiest possible smoothies, try our mixes & add your liquid. Strawberry & Coconut or Spinach & Matcha are awesome!

Other things that will help

Ok, these aren’t really nutrition hacks, but they ARE a winner when it comes to feeling good and getting through the day without hitting a wall.

Get Up & Move – whether it’s getting up every hour to get some more water, a full on work out at lunch time, or a walk around the block to grab a coffee, there’s no doubt that getting away from your desk will work wonders for getting through the day fatigue free. It’s a great way to break up your day, get away from your screen (no mum, I don’t want square eyes!), take a break from sitting, and getting some fresh air.

Practice mindfulness – this is something we’ve spoken about in the past and it can be super helpful during your work day as well. When you take a break at work, try to focus only on what you’re doing instead (making and eating lunch or going for a walk). This helps you get a brief mental rest from work, but more importantly, if you’re practicing mindful eating, then your body & brain recognises the food you're consuming and the value that it has in nourishing you & keeping you full, which can mean that you don’t end up thinking you’re hungry for a snack when you’re not reeallly. When you're not paying attention to the food you're eating, you have a higher likelihood of overeating and not feeling nourished by your food. Be sure to check out our full post on Mindful Eating here to get the low down on what it’s all about and how to try it out.


These are all great things to try regardless of your 3pm slump status, but if you’re one of those people who tends to feel it, we hope that you find one or all of them help you boost your productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

Let us know in the comments what your tips are for keeping your energy levels high!

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April 1, 2018